Integrated Field Studies

Whether it is a mature asset or an exploration prospect, Blackwatch are able to conduct integrated field studies combining all aspects of sub-surface Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics to provide the client with an optimum field development plan for their asset. We have a proven track record of adding value to complex and challenging reservoirs.


Integrated Field Study - OMV, Austria

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Key Points: 
Integrated Reservoir Modeling & Simulation Study 
  Highly faulted, compartmentalised and fractured onshore field in the Vienna basin. Historically very poor sweep efficiency and recovery
  35 wells, many years production, variable data quality
  Integrating geological, 3D seismic, seismic attribute stochastic facies, production data
  Model developed to evaluate field performance under water injection and recommended actions to enhance production and recovery
Work completed on time and within budget
Developed recommendations for new production well, and injection well locations
  Client implemented recommendations, highly successful results - wells encountered bypassed oil, significantly improved sweep efficiency and recovery