Blackwatch?s Petrophysicists have considerable expertise in evaluating data from across the globe. From one well detailed analysis of modern North Sea logs, to field-wide studies of Russian data, from analysing tight carbonates in the UK Southern gas basin, to evaluating high porosity sandstones in the Caribbean, our Petrophysicists provide quick and reliable results for our clients. Operations departments and asset teams word-wide have benefited from the commitment of our Petrophysicists to the highest standards, to teamwork, and to getting the most out of the data available.

Ongoing Petrophysical Support - Confidential Client, Pakistan  

Key Points: 
Onsite and operational log interpretation
  Determining test Intervals
  Rapid turn around for quick decision making
  Sandstone and carbonate analysis
  Integration with RFT and core data
Presentation at partners meetings
Recommendations for future logging programmes
  Utilised a variety of petrophysical packages including Petcom, Mincom, Landmark, etc.