Reservoir Engineering

Blackwatch engineers have a wide variety of experience on many different reservoir types throughout the world, from clastic reservoirs to complex fractured carbonate reservoirs, from heavy oils through to gas condensate. We have experience working on reservoirs in the Middle East, South America, West Africa, North Africa, Australia, FSU, South-East Asia, North America and the North Sea.

Our Reservoir Engineers can build and history match complex simulation models, perform "quick-look" assessments of reservoirs using classical reservoir engineering techniques, analysis pressure transient data and produce field development programmes.


 Reservoir Model Construction and History Matching - Confidential Client, UK North Sea

Key Points: 
Material balance analysis with multiple and inter-linked fault blocks
  Complete review of historical well programme, surface facilities, and pipeline pressure drops
  Complete review of bottom-up construction of combined reservoir and surface facilities model
  Model history matched
  Used model to determine future production profiles and field depletion strategy
Project completed within a 4 month time period and all goals met by target date
  Model still in use today and is accurate to within 2%