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Well Testing Operations Manual

This is an exciting new addition to the services provided by Blackwatch.

In conjunction with a major international operating company, Blackwatch have developed a comprehensive Well Testing Operations Manual that is being made available to the industry.

The manual covers all aspects of the planning and execution of a well test that need to be addressed to ensure that a safe and successful test that meets the test's objectives can be conducted.

Topics included range from the initial planning process and setting of test objectives, through the selection of equipment, the execution of the operations, and data acquisition requirements. Chapters that deal with specialist operations and testing in environmentally sensitive areas are also included, as shown on the Contents List.

The manual is available to purchase in its entirety, by section, or by individual chapter. This allows you the flexibility to take advantage of the full manual or to select specialist sections or chapters to update your existing documentation. An annual update will also be available to ensure that the latest developments in Well Testing are included.

In addition, the manual will now form an integral part of the service provided by Blackwatch’s highly experienced Well Testing and Petroleum Engineering personnel, with each of our engineers carrying a copy with them on their assignments. By choosing to purchase this manual, or selecting Blackwatch to plan and supervise your well testing operations, you will benefit from our experience of successfully planning, supervising and co-ordinating well testing operations for the international oil industry.

Well Testing Guidelines



  1. Introduction
  2. Designing a Well Test
  3. Safety and Environmental Considerations

  4. Safety and Environment
  5. Disposal of Produced Fluids
  6. Hydrogen Sulphide
  7. Hydrates
  8. Equipment

  9. Perforating
  10. Test String
  11. Sub-surface Equipment
  12. Surface Equipment
  13. Surface Safety Systems
  14. Data Acquisition

  15. Downhole Data Acquisition
  16. Surface Data Acquisition
  17. Fluid Sampling
  18. Wireline Data Acquisition
  19. Wellbore Access

  20. Wireline Operations
  21. Coiled Tubing Operations
  22. Non-Conventional Operations

  23. High Pressure / High Temperature Operations
  24. Deep Water Operations
  25. Artic Operations
  26. Rainforest Operations
  27. Slim-hole Operations
  28. Coal Bed Methane Operations